Your Wall – a work of art!

Are you bored of your old wallpaper? There’s a dark corner in your home that could be renewed? Do you want to create a peaceful atmosphere in your bedroom or give a touch of refinement to your places?

Choose the new Interior Designs frontier, exclusive Holiday Signals, the Decor Wall. Indeed, recently our company is skilled in realization and setup of authentic murals and digital wallpapers, transferred on walls and ceilings, to make unique and special your home, your office, or even your shop or your club!

With this new eco-solvent digital printing technique, everything is possible. We print any subject or pic, original and customized, also in large dimensions: fresco, landscapes, famous painting, your family photo or your lover’s one, your pet… Fantasy is the only limit!

Applicable on curved walls, angular walls, brick-red walls, closets, hallways… Every room, a unique characteristic style. Decor Wall allows you to makeover your home, giving new creative interpretation of spaces, but it’s cutting-edge yet in hotels and cruise ships.