Wood Signs


Choose the eco-friendly signals! Today it’s possible thanks to Holiday’s wooden signs!

Elegant and originals, they bring out the antique wooden grains effect. We use only quality woods, warranted for 5 years, and environmentally friendly products, like recyclable natural materials and atoxic water-based paints. 


Wood too (like the polyurethane) have a great visual impact, it will guarantee durability and high strength.

Holiday’s wooden signs can be carved in too many ways. By the technique of sandblasting, we carve the back, to bring out the wooden grains and to highlight the graphic art. Or the hand-painted and hand-decorated graphic art, with atoxic varnishes, or finally with a gold leaf or relief effect on texts.

In the pictures we report an example of Eco-sign that we recently realized for the cruise ship Norwegian Cruise Line’s restaurant. Decorated by hand-painting acrylic atoxic enamel with long-term.