Engraving is the practice of carving a design onto a hard, usually flat, surface by cutting grooves into it. The result is a decorated design in various materials such steel, plastic, metals or glass (plexiglas).
Engraving was a historically important method of producing images on paper in artistic printmaking, and also for commercial reproductions and illustrations for books and magazines. Today this technique represents an important part of the signs production process.
The signs created with this process are extremely robust and keep legibility over a long period of time. They’re perfect for complex markings in machine rooms, outdoor doorbell plates (as door and cabin signs in hotels and shops), lift controls… The materials can consist of stainless steel, brass, aluminum or various types of plastic.

  • Virtually, every type of material

    from aluminium to wood, from PVC films to marble… if you can think of it, we can provide the right solution

  • Light & color

    We provide every type of solutions for lighting signs and decorations.

  • Say it BOLD!

    Extrude, emboss and engrave… our machines and design specialist are ready for everything.

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