Starseed Starry Sky. It’s an innovative product, ideal for every bedroom, in houses or hotels, wellness spheres, bathrooms, but also cruise ships.
Due to Starseed Starry Sky, every room ceiling can be decorated exactly with the night sky that one wishes for, and that without such electrical installation. Produced by Holiday Signals.

Starseed was successfully experimented in many hotels in Italy, Germany, Austria, Montenegro and Switzerland. You can see the examples in our video.

During the day the Starseed Starry Sky is invisible, just like in nature, it is visible only in darkness. Every Starseed Starry Sky comprises small points of light of various sizes and brightness (100 per square meter). The addition of small points of light of slighter intensity give the sky the appearance and three- dimensionality of a real starry sky. Two versions: the first one is the exactly natural starry sky’s reproduction; in the second one it is possible for the observer to discern signs of the zodiac, the planets or The Milky Way.

Medical research has discovered that more than 30 % of the population suffer from sleeping disorders. Starseed Starry Sky has a tranquillizing effect and provides an intensive feeling of cosiness. These positive properties promote healthy sleep and relaxed well-being. It’s great because we spend approximately one third of our lives in sleep!