Golden Princess

Holiday Signals has just accomplished another refitting project for Princess Cruises, onboard of the Golden Princess, in Taipei.

We designed and produced all the wayfinding signs in Chinese, replacing all the English sings onboard, notably because the cruise ship will be temporary located in the chinese marketplace.

In the photo gallery some examples of our production: you are here, directional signs and lift signs, for passengers’ orientation.

Wall printing

A brand new work  of Interior Design branded Holiday Signals.

Wall digital printing installed in a renovated building in Trieste, via dei Fabbri, restored by the Architect Torlo.

We printed on high-bond vinyl, laminated with matte polymeric film. The print was applied on the back wall, made of unpainted plasterboard, and it completely hide the Enel counters.

Ippogrifo Trieste – Cups

This is the last creation made by Holiday Signals for Agenzia Ippogrifo in Trieste.

Commemorative cups to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the institution.

A valiant solution as a reward for valuable customers and partners! 🙂

Sun-Control window films – SIOT Trieste

Holiday Signals is skilled in the installation of sun-control window films system, to reduce dazzles, UV rays and heat.

Brightness and transparency are unchanged. They’ll improve your comfort, avoiding reflections and guaranteeing savings on the air-conditioning up to 30%

Breakthrough in energy saving, for a cleaner future, saving money.

Suitable for any type of glasses, commercial and residential, our films can be placed in short times.

In the photogallery the application of the sun-control window films for SIOT Trieste, before and after the application.