Flextronics Srl Trieste

Holiday Signals has produced some brand new signs for the new Flextronics Srl establishment in Trieste.

Electronic led signs, brass sheet burnishing effect, have been placed on the plant’s roof and on the establishment’s external totem.


Brand-new realization by Holiday Signals for “Salumificio Sfreddo” in Trieste.

No-neon sign, produced in milled and smoothed brass sheet, with burnishing surface, on milled dibond background. Aluminum frame, copper varnished.

Environmentally-friendly, accomplishing fine arts’ rules of Trieste.

In addition, we produced a tempered glass sign, with embossed letters, bronze effect.


The new chinese bazar YU-MART, which takes the place of the Bernardi Store in Trieste (Campi Elisi), has chose Holiday to realize the huge sign.