Regala la tua immagine!

Natale si avvicina, sei alla ricerca di un’idea regalo originale? Holiday Signals ti offre in promozione esclusiva ciò che fa al caso tuo!

La foto digitale dei tuoi ricordi stampata sul plexiglass ad alta risoluzione. E’ molto semplice: basterà che ci mandi il file della tua foto in formato reale, con una risoluzione di minimo 300 DPI. E noi la stamperemo direttamente su un pannello in plexiglass, tagliato a laser, con bordi lucidi. Il formato massimo disponibile è di 33×48 cm.

La targa è dotata di quattro fori con perni in acciaio inox per poterla appendere con facilità. Disponibili in vari colori.

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Oppure, se non vuoi forare la tua parete, potrai scegliere la cornice “backframe”. Qui sotto puoi vedere due esempi di Pannelli fotografici che abbiamo appena realizzato.

Braille and Tactile signs

Holiday Signals is skilled in producing special signs and plates in Tactile and Braille point system language, in regard to ADA rules. Braille caption are strong and completely crushproof, thanks to our tested anti-wear system. Excellent readability warranted for so many years.

That’s why the best ship owners chose Holiday to install them on the most beautiful ship cruises in the world. Like Carnival, that address to us for the last refitting of its Carnival Sunshine. In the photo gallery you can find some examples of the tactile signs that we chose, but also some pics of the security, board and hotel signage that we installed on the ship.



Alcatel Lucent

The ultimate Holiday signage’s production! A new “dress” for the production’s establishment of Alcatel Lucent in Trieste, a producing company of telecommunications’ hardware and software.

Synoptic and advertising panels, realized with an UV printer, on polymeric laminated PVC matt.

Departement’s signage was realized with personalized system “sign-code”. With a specific click/clack system, prints are interchangeable. Aluminum plaques with inserted digital print, protected by a polycarbonate screen. The sings are hang by invisible threads on the ceiling, fixed on a metal frame.


Tempaline, lines up in a snap!

Today Holiday Signals presents “Tempaline“. The innovative crowd pleaser, lightweight, compact, fast and portable.

Tempaline” will allow you to create temporarily space partition or crowd control barriers, perfect for your conventions, expositions, restaurants, catering or every places in which people come together…

Thanks to Holiday Signals you can also customize the vertical sustain with your logo. It is made with an anti-imprints anodized aluminum, frosted silver color. (Diameter base 510 mm, height 950 mm).

In the attachment you can find the technical file, but if you’ll need more information please contact us! –



Customized Stickers

It’s surprisingly easy today to produce gorgeous customized tags and stickers, of any shape and size. With its all-time quality Holiday Signals can help you to realize easily your creative project! For your company, to reach a more efficient communication, or to mirror well your behavior.

In the photo gallery you can see some examples of resin tags that we produced. Printed in high-quality ecosolvent on high-adhesiveness PVC. Protected with a thermo-hardener resin: it warranties durability and it enhances a particular “leans-effect” to the tags. With the same technique we realize also pre-spaced letters.

Customized tags are perfect to make your correspondence more charming, or for your special occasions, to give a touch of refinement to your gifts. Customized tags are perfect also employed on cars, motorcycle or bike: give an image to your team!
Choose your design, with colors and fonts that you like. Then contact us for an estimate! –


Customized Gadgets by Holiday

Don’t you know that currently Holiday Signals gets started to produce customized gadget?

Indeed, thanks to our new UV printer we have the possibility to print with a very high quality on any typology of materials and surfaces. With a perfect colours’ yield, also with polished or opaque painting effects.

An essential tool for who works with visual communication and digital print!

Some examples? Business gadget, smartphones’ covers, but also… Watch the video!



Starseed Starry Sky. It’s an innovative product, ideal for every bedroom, in houses or hotels, wellness spheres, bathrooms, but also cruise ships.
Due to Starseed Starry Sky, every room ceiling can be decorated exactly with the night sky that one wishes for, and that without such electrical installation. Produced by Holiday Signals.

Starseed was successfully experimented in many hotels in Italy, Germany, Austria, Montenegro and Switzerland. You can see the examples in our video.

During the day the Starseed Starry Sky is invisible, just like in nature, it is visible only in darkness. Every Starseed Starry Sky comprises small points of light of various sizes and brightness (100 per square meter). The addition of small points of light of slighter intensity give the sky the appearance and three- dimensionality of a real starry sky. Two versions: the first one is the exactly natural starry sky’s reproduction; in the second one it is possible for the observer to discern signs of the zodiac, the planets or The Milky Way.

Medical research has discovered that more than 30 % of the population suffer from sleeping disorders. Starseed Starry Sky has a tranquillizing effect and provides an intensive feeling of cosiness. These positive properties promote healthy sleep and relaxed well-being. It’s great because we spend approximately one third of our lives in sleep!


Today we talk about Resins, a combination of innovative materials that Holiday Signals employs to produce its signs, in addiction to Wood, Glass and Polyurethane.

What’s the effect they produce? Resins are mainly used to produce plaques or objects which look like “terra-cotta”, marble, bronze or pottery.

In the pics you can see the signs that we realized for the new wellness area Izumi on the Diamond Princess‘ cruise ship. Made of acrylic stone, a synthetic material used to produce signs that seem to be made of stone or marble. It’s made of 70% natural stone dust, 25% hi-tech acrylic resin and 5% natural pigments.

46th Barcolana

Holiday Signals attends 46th Barcolana‘s boat race, setting up in only 36 hours wallboards’ digital prints, on behalf of De Paolo brothers’ company!

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Wood Signs


Choose the eco-friendly signals! Today it’s possible thanks to Holiday’s wooden signs!

Elegant and originals, they bring out the antique wooden grains effect. We use only quality woods, warranted for 5 years, and environmentally friendly products, like recyclable natural materials and atoxic water-based paints. 


Wood too (like the polyurethane) have a great visual impact, it will guarantee durability and high strength.

Holiday’s wooden signs can be carved in too many ways. By the technique of sandblasting, we carve the back, to bring out the wooden grains and to highlight the graphic art. Or the hand-painted and hand-decorated graphic art, with atoxic varnishes, or finally with a gold leaf or relief effect on texts.

In the pictures we report an example of Eco-sign that we recently realized for the cruise ship Norwegian Cruise Line’s restaurant. Decorated by hand-painting acrylic atoxic enamel with long-term.